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I’m about to take my own advice. Over the past 15 years I’ve pretty much given the same speech to each small business owner I’ve ever met.

A website will promote your business if you regularly update it with quality content that is focused & targeted. Whether that be selling a product, services or indeed a person.

Your website should be the main “hub” of all stories, updates and campaigns.

While engaging with appropriate social media platforms is important in helping reach your audience, those are systems that you have little control over. When the likes of Facebook and Twitter change viewing algorithms it can cause much disruption to companies & people that rely on them solely.

Having your own website as the home for all media posts means search engines like Google and Bing will start to index your website, and slowly you’ll start to see website visits increase.

Content is king, but to be found that quality content needs to be updated regularly.

So here’s what I’m about to do with the Solar Polar blog. I’ll create a new programming post at least once a week on my main line of work – Progress/OpenEdge coding. At the very least it’ll be a place I can refer back to my weekly work. If all goes well, it may be handy for others to use too. By the end of 2020, there should be 50+ OpenEdge short programming stories and we’ll measure who is/or isn’t visiting.

Let’s get started

This website is built with WordPress so to quickly get up to speed I’ll use a WP plugin to link into my Google Analytics accounts for this domain name. It’s not been used in some time so we’ll give it a few weeks of data to see if the site gets any visits at all…

I’ve used the “Monster Insights” WP plugin and now that it’s setup a quick test shows me it’s working. One hit. This was me testing!

More updates will come soon. This is hopefully the start of proving myself correct :)

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a middle aged programmer living in North Yorkshire, who loves music and used to enjoy constantly restarting fitness regimes with a bit of football, cycling, swimming & jogging. Now I just eat biscuits.

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