Hardcore-ish Techno Week


My headphones have been filled this week with some Drum & Bass, Deep techno, and even some (what seems like to me) hardcore techno – but not the shitty stuff you used to hear from souped up Vauxhall Corsas screeching around town.

Driving my computer programming buttons today is a Rinse FM mix from “Shed” done as part of an “Ostgut Ton” record label takeover.

The electronic world seems to be crowded by middle aged white guys dressed in black, but kudos to Shed for getting his promo picture taken while doing some actual middle aged shopping at the hardware store.

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a developer with 20+ years IT experience. Working with Progress/OpenEdge since 1995 he's been involved through the full gambit of the software development life cycle, from systems design through to front line support, customer training, and everything in between. Dave doesn't enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

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