David Walker – CV

Senior Developer – A little job history

Hello there.  I’m David Walker and below is a slightly expanded CV in case anyone is interested!

Current Role – Senior Developer – Propel, UK (2017 – present)

I am a Senior Developer currently working at Propel in Wakefield.  Propel are a software development consultancy serving businesses to develop and maintain their software applications.

Initially at Propel, I was exclusively with the Progress/OpenEdge team, and as time has moved forward I’ve been able to cross train and put some new skills to work. 

These include a some .Net projects, some Node/React/Laravel combination applications and a recent NativeScript mobile project.  I can be deployed across teams to work as required, but still keep my hand in OpenEdge work. 

There’s an extensive list of things I’ve worked with below.

Senior Developer – Advanced, UK (1995 – 2017)

In 1995, I joined a small software development company called “Grampian Computers” in Aberdeen, who had recently converted their Cobol payroll system to Progress Version 6!  In time the company grew and expanded their portfolio of software applications.  That company was sold, the sold again, and sold for a third time so that the eventual owner of the company was Advanced.

My experience in that long time covers all kinds of software development tasks.  I was involved in all aspects of the software – client meeting, systems design, writing & delivering specs, actual development, testing, deployment, documentation and training.

The delivery of the software was across a plethora of differing setups which was a great learning experience when confronted with other business setups.  Some highly professional tech teams which were a joy to work with, and others that were more lax with their software and hardware setups!!  

Although I worked on many applications throughout those years, there was always the mainstay financial products that had to be maintained.  Those Progress OpenEdge products were Payroll, HR and Accounting applications, namely OpenPeople & OpenAccounts.

The legislative nature of the payroll product, meant that there were always time-critical deliveries that had to be adhered to.  I’m no stranger to working to the Project plan!

About me

I enjoy making tech work well.  Problem-solving and improving software performance are my favourite tasks, and I also love meeting new clients and getting to know their tech problems, so I can help solve them.  That’s where I get the most satisfaction from my work.

I’m very comfortable with in-house team and customer facing comms. I very much enjoy learning new tech and can pick things up pretty quickly.

I love to work in an environment where I can leverage my skills and experience to make a positive impact.

Progress OpenEdge specifics skills

Among the areas of Progress/OpenEdge that I’ve worked in :

  • Progress OpenEdge V6-12
  • WebSpeed / AppServer
  • Chui / Gui Applications
  • ADM1 / ADM2
  • Smart Objects
  • Production environments – Windows / Linux / Unix
  • Experienced Api development – Soap & Rest
  • AWS / Azure Cloud solutions

Other Tech Skills


  • Laravel Framework / PHP
  • .Net C#
  • API development
  • MS SQL Server / MySQL / Postgres etc…
  • Front End skills with Html / CSS / JS
  • NativeScript Mobile (Angular flavour)
  • Node / React
  • Windows / Linux / Mac development


  • Amazon AWS, Azure & Digital Ocean
  • Docker
  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant
  • Apache / Nginx / IIS
  • Git / SVN / Bitbucket


  • Umbraco / WordPress / WooCommerce / Magento
  • WordPress plugin development
  • SEO