Windows 10 : All my desktop icons have green ticks against them

Windows desktop icons have a green tick

After a reboot my desktop Windows icons have a green tick against them.  This reminded me of source control / upload managers like SNV or Dropbox.  I don’t run any of these on the machine – unless Windows OneDrive, which I try to disable always, is playing with settings.

Windows desktop icons have a green tick

A quick search revealed :

Go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Use check boxes to select items.

Untick the box with the check. Click ok.

The check box was unticked – so I ticked it anyway to see what happened and the green ticks disappeared – I kept ticking to see if they returned but they stayed disappeared.  Sorted!

Windows desktop icons have a green tick

Dave Walker
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  1. I found a better solution, right click your desktop and then click refresh and the check marks go away.

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