Dell Inspiron – Missing Ctrl Break key

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop as my main development machine.  I’d recommend it but there are a few quirks.

Function Keys

First of all the function keys are defaulted to be the “special” keys so pressing F1 actually turns the sound down.  You have to press Fn & F1.  Not intuitive.

To get around this in Windows 10, find the Windows Mobility Center control panel, and switch the Function Key Row option to “Function Key” and not “Multimedia”.  Sorted!

No Pause/ Break key

I use Progress/OpenEdge and sometimes have to kill test processes locally.  To do this I press the “Break” button but on the Dell there isn’t one!

Luckily there seems to be a Windows shortcut – Ctrl-Shift-B.

All I need to do now is remember it!


Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a middle aged programmer living in North Yorkshire, who loves music and used to enjoy constantly restarting fitness regimes with a bit of football, cycling, swimming & jogging. Now I just eat biscuits.

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