Setting up Webspeed with IIS 7.5 Windows 7

The following instructions can be used to create a basic setup for OpenEdge (10.2b) Webspeed development.

The information has been gleaned from the following source – Progress Knowledgebase,, The OpenEdge Hive and also the manuals!  Thanks to all who put info online, especially Scott Auge who has posted some very informative videos.

Setting up IIS 7.5 under Windows 7

1) First ensure that Apache Server isn’t running already on your machine.  I usually have one running and both servers on my machine use port 80, so only one can be used at once  (there may be a way to get both running, but in practice this wouldn’t happen).

2) Next we check that IIS and the sub components for CGI and ISAPI are actually installed.

– Start by double checking if CGI/ISAPI features of IIS are installed going to:
Control Panel -> Program and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> will open Windows Features window -> (Internet Information Services)

– World Wide Web Services Application Development Features -> confirm that CGI, ISAPI Extensions are listed as status installed/ticked.

3) The IIS service should be running.  Check in Services under World Wide Web Publishing Service.

4) Now Run IIS from Administrative Tools.

Create a virtual directory “scripts” (you name it).

IIS Manager -> Web Sites -> Default Web Site -> Add Virtual Directory -> Alias: scripts, Physical path: c:inetpubscripts (or where cgiip.exe and/or wsisa.dll are located)

3) Allow cgiip.exe / wsisa.dll to run on IIS:

Go to IIS Manager -> Sites -> Default Web Site -> scripts

In “Features View” choose the option “Handler Mappings”

In the “Actions” pane, click on “Add Module Mapping”

Enter “*.wsc” in the “Request path” field

In the “Module” list choose ” CgiModule”

In the “Executable” filed enter the path to your cgiip.exe, e.g.:
[install-dir]/bin/cgiip.exe %s %s
If [install-dir] contains spaces then it will have to be enclosed with double quotes.

There will be a question if you want to add the extension with an “Allowed” entry to the ISAPI and CGI restrictions list. Answer “Yes”.

IIS Manager -> Web Sites -> Default Web Site -> scripts -> handler mappings -> edit handler permissions -> tick on “execute”.

4) Create a virtual folder for webspeed images and doc going to:
IIS Manager -> Web Sites -> Default Web Site -> Add Virtual Directory -> Alias: webspeeed<version>, Physical path: <Install Directory>webspeed


Step 1

Ensure that your OpenEdge AdminService is running

Run Progress Explorer

As we’re running a basic setup we’ll just simply startup the WebSpeed wsbroker1 and also the NameServer NS1 with default settings (we’ll not connect any databases yet)

Progress Explorer - Starting WebServer / NameServer

Now we need to ensure that IIS is installed.


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