Windows Update Error 8024402C

I had a strange sequence of errors on my Windows 7 (32 bit) installation on the laptop.

Some registry settings for Windows Firewall were missing, and Windows update would not complete. This all kind of pointed to some kind of virus/trogen but nothing was found.

The hardest bit to fix was the Windows Update Error – When I tried to update I got the error message – “Error 8024402C”.

After searching loads of solutions which weren’t correct I found this simple fix from

I’ve posted it below for my reference but this fix was posted by Massimiliano D’Amico at the link above.

Your pc is configured to access a WSUS Server and that, for some reasons, isn’t accessible.

First question is: what is WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)?

WSUS or Windows Server Update Services is a free patch management tool available to Windows Server administrators allowing them to authorize, publish and distribute updates within a network (most of the times inside a domain).

Anyway, second (and most important) question is: how I can solve that error? It’s quite simple, following that procedure:

  • Open registry editor (Start menu –> Run –> regedit)
  • Find the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
  • Change the value of the UseWUServer from 1 to 0 (double click on it, change the value and click OK)
  • Restart Windows Update service (Start menu –> Run –> services.msc, find the Windows Update service and click on Restart)

So this in fact stops my laptop relying on some other domain to update.  I’m running a full system scan to see if there’s any sign of infection.

Dave Walker
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