VW Passat B6 2005 onwards – Keyfob not working – solved

VW Passat Keyfob problem

This happened to me a couple of times.  I’ve created this blog post so I don’t forget about the solution and in case it helps anyone else.

The problem

My VW Passat keyfob stopped working.  There is nothing wrong with the battery.  I was able to check this by using the battery with another keyfob.

This problem is that I’ve managed to “un-sync” the keyfob.  The reason this probably happens is that I play with the keyfob all the time, pressing the buttons etc.

The solution

The solution is to reprogram / sync the key back to the car.  Follow the steps below:

  • Use the flip out key and manually open the driver’s side front door (remove the little key cover on the rear of the door handle).
VW Passat B6 Keyfob
VW Passat B6 Keyfob
  • ‘Cycle’ (turn) the key clockwise and counter-clockwise. Doing this locked and unlocked the car and the sidelights flashed as they normally do as if I clicked the fob to lock the doors.
  • Keeping the key in the door, now use the keyfob, to lock & unlock the car.
  • The keyfob should now be working!

Worked for me :)

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a middle aged programmer living in North Yorkshire, who loves music and used to enjoy constantly restarting fitness regimes with a bit of football, cycling, swimming & jogging. Now I just eat biscuits.


  1. VW Passat B6 2005 onwards – Keyfob not working – solved….I read this and accordingly removed the end cap of the rear of the door Handle to insert the spare key …However …there are only flat plates underneath on all four Handles ! How do I insert the spare key please ???

  2. I was very sceptical of this. I was quoted €250 for a new key this just saved me €250 thanks so much

  3. just did this with my key fob that was no longer working, and now it works!!! cant thank you enough! just saved me 40 quid! legend!

  4. What if both of my keys unlock and lock the doors but neither of them will start the ignition and it initiates the immobilization. How can I resync my keys to my ignition in a 2006 Volkswagen Passat

  5. Hi,
    Thanks much, fixed my car straight away, and second key still working, so all good. Thanks loads
    Big Sivvs. Scotland

  6. Thanks! Saved me 250 EUR for a replacement key as the key looked completely dead, still didn’t work after replacing battery. Right before deciding to buy a new one I noticed I could start the car with the key, just not open the doors remotely, and with in google found this post which solved the issue!

  7. Thank you Dave.
    My 2009 VW Passat 2l Diesel unlocked and started the other day, but then the remote stopped working (battery was fine and little red red came on when pressing buttons).
    The car doesn’t get used much these days as I work from home following CV19 restrictions.
    Using the method you described I had it working again within 1 minute :)

  8. Hello, Dave!

    So I had this problem today with my B6, the keyfob didn’t lock the door anymore. So I was worried and started to google this problem and found this post. And IT REALLY WORKS! Thanks from Estonia..

  9. Just wanted to say thank you very much for this info…i have nonisea how my fob unsynched iteslf…left me nearly stranded…searched web n this is THE ONLY solution that worked.
    My many thanks to you.

  10. If anyone does not have the key to insert into o/s/f door lock you can remove the barrel and use a screwdriver in lock unit to lock and press fob at same time to code it.

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