Virtual Box & Docker on PC

Because I primarily do my OpenEdge development on a Windows 10 machine, I run local VMs using VirtualBox to quickly replicate Linux machines for support purposes. Doing so means I can quickly copy across OpenEdge databases to duplicate environments and replicate issues, avoiding any conversion to Windows, which saves a lot of time when the speed of support is important (when is it not?).

This however causes an issue in Windows 10 if I want to run any other development setup with Docker. Docker on Windows utilises Hyper-V which clashes with VirtualBox so unless I use another physical machine, I’m left having to reboot between switching Hyper-V on and off depending on the task I’m working on.

At least Docker has a nice message when you try to run it when Hyper-V is not installed.

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a middle aged programmer living in North Yorkshire, who loves music and used to enjoy constantly restarting fitness regimes with a bit of football, cycling, swimming & jogging. Now I just eat biscuits.

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