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Today I’ve really enjoyed the tweets and opinions from everyone at the “Future of Web Design” conference held in London today and tomorrow.  Click to link –

Thanks to the hundreds (thousands!) of tweets I’m really getting the vibe from the wonderful web people who have made it and are sharing on the net.

During each speech we’re getting highlight tweets (hopefully the key tapping isn’t putting off the speakers!) giving us the overall view of each speaker and some helpful advice.  It’s all pretty darn inspiring.

I’m sure that someone will be able to make an Website Advice Book simply out of the tweets flying around today.  

Here’s a selection of my favourites so far…

Remy Sharpe @rem

If IE6 support is your job, quit your job or stop whining. If it's a pain point, charge more for it.

A nice bit of advice.  Often clients may ask if your design will work in IE6.  Many will now simply say “no” but if your client insists then of course it’s do-able, but you should be charging for that extra effort.  I bet you’ll find they might change their mind then!

Google supports the latest browser version -1.

If it’s good enough for Google is it good enough for you?

Jon Tan @jontangerine

Jon uses "agh!iIl1" as a string to test how much detail/differentiation there is between letters in a font.

A good idea to put this letter sequence into your test sites for fonts.


Wow!!! I think I’ll be taking notes this way in the future… now if only I can do this in Evernote.

Ubelly fowd notes

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