Skype Chat Issue

Skype Chat Style

I use Skype a lot during my day online.  I have two Windows 7 machines setup pretty similar both with Skype – however the layout and style of Skype and the instant messenger chat is different.

Below you see the same chat window from each PC.  I prefer the old style on the left, but can’t seem to change the newer looking one.

Left Skype Version :

Right Skype Version :  (wonder if that’s a 64 bit thing?)

Both versions report that they are up to date.

Skype Chat Style

Can’t seem to quickly figure this out with a Google search. :o(

 Update : Here is the official answer to this from the Skype Forums:


Yes. Both versions are the currently latest versions of the same main 6.21 edition. The version with modified user interface is randomly provided to some selected users. The version is also identical with the newly announced preview release.


It’s not possible to change the layout of the new user interface, but you can uninstall the version and install the standard version:

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