London Tower Bridge Premier Inn – Congestion Charge warning

So we had an ace time in London.  We all crashed in a family room at the Tower Bridge Premier Inn and it was fine – not great but not bad.  Bathroom roof was starting to get manky and the general finish of the fixtures and fittings could’ve been better but it was very clean and quiet.

Tower Bridge Premier Inn - Congestion Charge Problem
Tower Bridge Premier Inn - Congestion Charge Problem

A bonus (we thought) was the hotel had a car park.  What was only mentioned in the small print (now that we’ve checked) is that the car park is 50 yards inside the London Congestion Zone.  We arrived on a Friday and left late on Monday and now we have 2 fines for £60 each.  That’s £120 for travelling 100 yards within the congestion zone.

The website for the Premier Inn does tell me that the hotel is within the zone – in the small print, but what I’m annoyed about is that the staff didn’t mention it when we checked in and out.  I asked specifically about car parking but the congestion charge wasn’t mentioned.  Surely that’s a must especially when you have non-Londoners staying regularly.

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