London Visit – 2010

London by night

We’re just back from holiday in London and we’re “walked out”. Twas much fun though. We were at the Science Museum which has greatly improved with the opening of the Wellcome section of the building. Also the Natural History Museum is a must and the kids really enjoyed the Dinosaur area.

Word of advice about the Natural History Museum too. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday and the queues at the main entrance of the building were huge. There is however a side entrance which we simply strolled in! There was however a huge queue for the dinosaur exhibit, so we actually returned on Monday to see that. Pick a quiet day and go early to avoid the crowds.

We followed that advice for Madame Tussauds Waxworks on Saturday morning. We queued for just over an hour (after getting there only 15 mins early – tired bunch we were!) and we had free tickets for the kids. I would’ve been pretty annoyed if we didn’t. As an exhibit on its own it’s pretty average. There actually aren’t that many waxworks! Flickr photos to come so you’ll see how good/bad the waxworks were. To be absolutley honest – I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have vouchers.

We all climbed aboard the London Eye on Friday evening and got a great view of central London. The boys were pretty amazed that there was no countryside to see even when you’re that high up.

On Sunday we visited Liz Windsor but I think she was having a nap because her blinds were down, so we all went and had a very pleasant time in St James’s park listening to a brass band play, while Londoners sat back in their deckchairs and took in the sun and music. Very chilled.

More info and picks to come when I get them all uploaded to Flickr.

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