I’ve amended the popular WordPress Plugin FlickrRSS to now incorporate the Flickr API facility. I originally did this so I could circumvent the Flickr RSS limit of calling no more than 20 flickr photos at a time.

Some folks had asked for the plugin so it’s currently a Beta Release.  If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch below here.


So far the plugin only works using the API when searching groups and userids, but I plan to extend it to utilise other options.


You can use the comments below to leave a message.


The original authors of FlickRSS are Dave Kellam and Stefano Verna. Many thanks to them.

Plugin Instructions

1. Put the flickrAPI files into your plugins directory
2. If you want to cache images, create a directory and make it writable
3. Activate the plugin
4. Configure your settings via the panel in Options
5. Add `<?php get_flickrAPI(); ?>` somewhere in your templates


The plugin also supports a number of parameters, allowing you to have multiple instances across your site.

1. `'type' => 'user'` - The type of Flickr images that you want to show. Possible values: 'user', 'favorite', 'set', 'group', 'public'
2. `'api' => ''` - Optional but the point of the plugin!
3. `'tags' => ''` - Optional: Can be used with type = 'user' or 'public', comma separated
4. `'set' => ''` - Optional: To be used with type = 'set'
5. `'id' => ''` - Optional: Your Group or User ID. To be used with type = 'user' or 'group'
6. `'do_cache' => false` - Enable the image cache
7. `'cache_sizes' => array('square')` - What are the image sizes we want to cache locally? Possible values: 'square', 'thumbnail', 'small', 'medium' or 'large'
8. `'cache_path' => ''` - Where the images are saved (server path)
9. `'cache_uri' => ''` - The URI associated to the cache path (web address)
10. `'num_items' => 4` - The number of images that you want to display
11. `'before_list' => ''` - The HTML to print before the list of images
12. `'html' => '<a href="%flickr_page%" title="%title%"><img src="%image_square%" alt="%title%"></a&>'` - the code to print out for each image. Meta tags available: %flickr_page%, %title%, %image_small%, %image_square%, %image_thumbnail%, %image_medium%
13. `'default_title' => "Untitled Flickr photo"` - the default title
14. `'after_list' => ''` - the HTML to print after the list of images

Example 1

get_flickrAPI(array('num_items' => 36,
'type' => 'group',
'tags' => '',
'id' => '12325216@N00',
'api' => '3370ecbd3e604245581eb4955fd6xxxx')); ?>

This would show the 36 most recent group photos

Example 2

get_flickrAPI(array('num_items' => 30,
'type' => 'user',
'tags' => '',
'id' => '10529805@N00',
'api' => '3370ecbd3e604245581eb4955fd6xxxx')); ?>

This would show the 30 most recent thumbnail sized photos from the specified user’s set.

Example 3

Here is my dashboard page setup which I use to show 24 of my latest photos from my own Flickr page.  I then invoke them via the widgets.  You can see the results in the sidebar.

flickrapi plugin example page 1
flickrapi plugin example page 1
flickrapi plugin example page 2
flickrapi plugin example page 2

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