Btwin Triban 3 Red

Btwin Triban 3 Red

I’ve bought myself a road bike after many years of using an ancient super heavy mountain bike – which is a tad too big for me, although I still think I’ll use it in the Winter.

I found a Btwin Triban 3 (2012) entry level road bike on ebay for £100. Again it’s a tad large at 60cm frame, but that’s not giving me much of a problem as I’m using it to train and get fit.

My first couple of rides were noisy and I thought the crank was maybe at fault. On further investigation the chain and cassette were very worn.  Tyres were pretty worn too, and I soon had a broken rear spoke.

I’ve since updated it a little so specs are now:

Now that’s all added the ride is much smoother.  The move from 23 to 25 tyres makes a difference on the bumby North Yorkshire roads.  The crank now makes no noise apart from a little rubbing against front derailleur – and that’s only because the triple chainset is a tiny bit bent.  I’ll replace that in good time for total silence.

So now off to get fit!

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a developer with 20+ years IT experience. Working with Progress/OpenEdge since 1995 he's been involved through the full gambit of the software development life cycle, from systems design through to front line support, customer training, and everything in between. Dave doesn't enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

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