A year…

In a couple of days I’m going for knee surgery to trim some cartilage and also restore my ACL which is missing !

TheQ1 recovery time is long and I’m going to need to run a hard and strict regime of exercise for full rehabilitation.

I will try and blog about it mainly so I can document my progress for myself and see how I’m performing against expected results.

Personal targets are to run the Kirkbymoorside 2016 10k next April, then get back to 5 a side football.

It’s a long way off but let’s see how I do.

Also part of the plan is to get down to a decent weight. As ever I usually struggle with that but to keep playing sports at my age (41) means that I really need to take care of my body, and running about while overweight isn’t good for anyone’s joints.

Day : 1
Weight : 13st 12lb
Remaining hair : not much
Mood : everything is awesome
Last film watched : The Lion King (first time I’ve seen it!)

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Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a middle aged programmer living in North Yorkshire, who loves music and used to enjoy constantly restarting fitness regimes with a bit of football, cycling, swimming & jogging. Now I just eat biscuits.

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  1. No more wallaces (568) pies for Davy for12 months.
    I never knew you had surgery. Hope it goes well and you recover 100 %.
    Cuddles. Uncle Rico.

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