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I’ve been working on a side project using Laravel Framework over the past few months and been using loads of blogs and websites to read up on best practice. One of the WordPress themes I cam across was Graphy and I’ve changed this blog to use it today. The blurb goes…

Graphy is a blog-oriented WordPress theme designed with great attention given to the beauty of the typography. Made using mobile-first responsive web design, even when your site is viewed on a smartphone or tablet there will be no negative impact on the beautiful typography.

There’s a free version on the website, and also a paid version. I’m using the free version for now and adding some code to it (Instagram feed already). It comes under the GPL2 license which means I can modify it for my own use as long as I don’t resell it, and give props to all the creators already in place.

You can find Graphy by clicking here.

Dave Walker
Dave Walker is a developer with 20+ years IT experience. Working with Progress/OpenEdge since 1995 he's been involved through the full gambit of the software development life cycle, from systems design through to front line support, customer training, and everything in between. Dave doesn't enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

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