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Graphy WordPress Theme

I’ve working on a side project with Laravel over the past few months and been using tonnes of blogs and websites to gen up. One of the sites themes I really liked the readability of was Graphy and I’ve changed to it today. The blurb goes…

Graphy is a blog-oriented WordPress theme designed with great attention given to the beauty of the typography. Made using mobile-first responsive web design, even when your site is viewed on a smartphone or tablet there will be no negative impact on the beautiful typography.

There’s a free version on the website, and also a paid version. I’m using the free version for now and adding some code to it (Instagram feed already). It comes under the GPL2 license which means I can modify it for my own use as long as I don’t resell it, and give props to all the creators already in place.

You can find Graphy by clicking here.

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